Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #19

This Week: +1.4 lbs
Total Loss: -21.0 lbs

Whomp whomp! Ugh, do you ever have a week where the whole time you just know for sure you've gained weight? Well, that was this week for me. I only have myself to blame. Not working out and eating junk will make me gain weight. Duh!

Basically, I had a five-day weekend from last Thursday-Memorial Day because the school I am subbing at didn't use their bad weather days this year, so in addition to Memorial Day, we were off on Thursday and Friday. So, from Friday night-Monday, I ate lots of food that is 'bad' for me. You know, food that is fine in moderation...maybe once a week, but I had it for four days in a row.

Next week is the last week of school with Monday and Tuesday being full days and Wednesday and Thursday being half-days. I know I've said this the past two weeks, but I'm hoping to get back into a workout groove this coming week. I know it's only a pound that I gained, but I refuse to let myself slip back to where I was 19 weeks ago.

Also, I'm sorry I haven't been posting anything but weigh-ins the past three weeks. Aside from teaching every day, I don't really have much going on right now! Three weeks from tomorrow I will be headed to Galveston to go on the cruise with my sister!! I'm making a goal today to lose 10 pounds before then.

I want to leave this on a positive note, so I'm going to share a non-scale victory. After last week's weigh-in, I took my body measurements. I have lost inches all around, but what shocked me was that I went down four inches in my bra band size!

Have a great weekend y'all!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #18

This Week: -2.4 lbs
Total Loss: -22.4 lbs

Feeling good! The only problem I have right now is all my clothes are getting way too big! That's a great problem to have, but I need to go shopping for some new clothes. I don't want to spend a lot of money either because I'm hoping I won't stay in each size for too long.
So, tomorrow my sister and I are gonna go thrift shopping! I love finding a good deal, so I'm excited! I'm on the search for shirts, shorts, and dresses. Jeans are hard for me to find in thrift stores because I need talls or longs, and usually there's not many there.

Maybe if I find a few good things, I'll share with y'all what I bought!

Workouts for the Week
Thursday - 3 miles on the treadmill

Total Miles: 3.00

Still not doing too well with the workouts since starting my job, but I'm hoping to get back into my routine this week. I also think part of the problem is that I am getting so bored on the treadmill. Since I've lost some weight, I think I might be up to going to a Zumba class or some kind of group workout. I just need someone to go with, which would make it much more fun!
I only have eight more days on the job, and then school is out for the summer. I'm hoping I'll start getting some calls for interviews!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #17: My 1st Milestone

This Week: -3.4 lbs
Total Loss: -20.0 lbs!!

Hey y'all! (FYI: Every time I type that I say it in my head like Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights.) Anyway, I stepped off the scale feeling great today! I am down 20 pounds, and there is no looking back now. I am so ready to keep pushing to lose the next 20!

I started my full-time sub job this week, and I hate to say that I did not work out at all Monday-Thursday. Being a teacher is rewarding but exhausting! After standing on my feet all day working with the kids, the last thing I want to do when I get home is walk on the treadmill.

I know I told y'all I would be working with 3-5 year olds, but I don't think I mentioned that it is a bilingual class. And, oh yeah, I don't speak Spanish! We're surviving though and getting through one day at a time. I just smile and nod a lot when I listen to them talk to each other or tell me a story.

Workouts for the Week
Saturday - 0.68 mile dog walk
Sunday - 0.68 mile dog walk & 0.75 mile hike at Hagerman

Total Miles: 2.11

Tomorrow my family is getting together at my grandparents' house to celebrate Mother's Day. They were out of town last week, so we postponed until this weekend. Looking forward to a relaxing, restful weekend!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pamper Me Pretty Swap Link-Up

It's time to reveal what we received for the Pamper Me Pretty swap.  This swap was hosted by Melissa from Dreams and Colour and Lacey from Charm and Sass.

I was partnered with Taylor from Pretty Pink Living.

Here's what she sent me:
The only one I've used is the coconut one, and I like it. I've been putting it on my elbows, and I notice them getting smoother.

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Liebster Award

Last week I found out that Zainab over at Kicking Kilos had presented me with the Liebster Award!
Here's the rules:

1) Post 11 random facts about yourself
2) Answer the 11 questions the tagger has asked you
3) Choose 11 3 deserving bloggers, and ask them 11 new questions
4) Don't tag the person that nominated you

Okay, on with the show!

11 Random Facts About Me
1) Dawson's Creek ruled my life when I was in sixth grade.
2) I have a Tweety scrunchie from middle school that I still wear when washing my face and sleeping.
3) I didn't drive on an interstate until I was 26 years old.
4) I could not fold a fitted sheet to save my life.
5) Sometimes cloudy, rainy days make me happier than sunny days.
6) I share my middle name with my grandma and my aunt.
7) Seattle and NYC are the top two U.S. cities I would like to visit.
8) "You look just like your mom!" Yeah, I get that a lot.
9) When I have to go to my car or the mailbox at night, I walk really fast on the way back in because I feel like something is going to get me. (Paranoid much?)
10) Dreams fascinate me, and I wish we knew more about them.
11) Hugh Dancy is my newest celebrity crush. For real, watch Hannibal on NBC.

Zainab's Questions for Me
1) Why did you start blogging? I started blogging as a way to keep track of my weight loss.
2) How much time do you spend per week on your blog? Not enough!
3) When people ask you, "What do you do?," what do you answer (work/hobby/spiritual)? Why? I always answer with my job. I'm not sure why. I guess that is what I feel defines me most at this moment.
4) What is a food you hate but secretly pretend to like to be cool? I don't think there is one.
5) What is your favorite romantic comedy? The Holiday
6) What is your favorite TV soap? I used to just keep it on as background noise, and I told myself I wouldn't get sucked into it. That didn't work out, so now I am watching Days of Our Lives.
7) Do you believe in God? Yes, I do. I also believe in Jesus Christ. 
8) Are you good at math? Pretty good...I know what I need to know.
9) Guilty pleasures? Ummm, gotta go with watching Days of Our Lives
10) Favorite place to go for vacations? The beach! I am definitely a beach babe!
11) Are you practical or emotional? Emotional...maybe a little too much

My Nominees
I tried to pick bloggers that didn't have anything mentioned about the Liebster Award on their blog, which could mean they just don't want to do it or that they've never been nominated. So, if you would like to participate ladies, I'm passing the award on to you!

My Questions for You
1) If you had to spend the rest of your life in one place, where would it be?
2) What is the most exotic food you have ever eaten?
3) What is the most common compliment people give you?
4) What do you consider your most prized object?
5) If you found a $50 bill on the street and had to spend it immediately, what would you buy?
6) What is your favorite holiday?
7) What will you be doing 10 years from today?
8) If you could be a member of any TV-sitcom family, which would it be?
9) What color looks best on you?
10) What is the first thing you do when you get out of bed?
11) If you were on a deserted island, what two books would you want with you?

Thanks Z for the nomination! This was a fun post to write!

Weekly Weigh-In #16 & Some Fun News!

This Week: -1.2 lbs
Total Loss: -16.6 lbs

Woohoo! Another pound gone! I still didn't hit my goal of 15 miles, but I have added dog walks into my weekly routine. Eva needs to lose weight almost as badly as I do! :-)

Workouts for the Week
Friday - 2.0 miles on the treadmill
Saturday - 0.68 mile dog walk
Sunday - 3.00 miles on the treadmill and 0.68 mile dog walk
Monday - 0.68 mile dog walk
Wednesday - 0.68 mile dog walk
Thursday - 3.0 miles on the treadmill

Total Miles: 10.72

The weigh-in portion of this post is short and sweet today because I have some more exciting news to share with you. Well, it's exciting to me anyways.

The first piece of news is that today I was offered a long-term sub job for the rest of the school year! I'm so excited about this. I will be working in a Head Start classroom, which consists of students aged 3-5. I've never worked with students this young, but I'm super happy to have this opportunity.

Okay, now for the second piece of news. In 44 days (not that I'm keeping track or anything), my sister and I will be here...
Yes, we're going on a cruise. Yes, it's with Carnival. Yes, we'll be taking protein bars and bottled water in case we break down in the middle of the ocean for a week. Just kidding about that last one (sort of)! Hahaha, but really, we went on our first cruise last year on the Triumph (before it became cursed), and we absolutely loved it! We are looking forward to this trip so much! We will be visiting Grand Cayman, Montego Bay, and Cozumel, and I cannot wait!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Social

I can't believe it's already May! It's time for another Sunday Social with Neely and Ashley!

Sunday Social

1) 4 Favorite Things to do on a Weekend
     *go to the movies
     *stay in bed with a cup of coffee and read
     *go for a walk outside
     *hang out with my sister

2) 4 Favorite Things About Your Best Friend (Mallory, my sister...of course!)
     *She's fun.
     *She makes me laugh.
     *She has an amazing work ethic.
     *She accepts me for who I am.

3) 4 Things You Would do with $100,000
     *pay off my student loans
     *buy a new car
     *go on a vacation to somewhere tropical
     *donate to a school in need

4) 4 Favorite Books You've Ever Read
     *The Help
     *The Last Lecture
     *Gone Girl
     *The Tale of Despereaux

5) 4 Favorite Snack Foods
     *pita chips and hummus
     *Goldfish crackers
     *Chex Mix
     *broccoli and ranch dressing

6) 4 Things You Must Do Daily
     *wash my face
     *look for a teaching job
     *give my dog his insulin
     *drink water

Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #15

This Week: -0.4 lbs
Total Loss: -15.4 lbs

Another very small step in the right direction. Though I don't understand how I ate out quite a bit last week and didn't work out at all and lost 3 pounds, and then this week, I watched what I ate, worked out Monday-Thursday, and only lost .4 pounds. Oh well! I'm just gonna keep on pushing. I was even motivated enough to work out today! (I usually take off on my weigh-in days.)

Not much of a weight loss, but I do have a non-scale victory to report. Every Christmas, my family gets a new set of pajamas (Christmas-themed of course). Yes, we're nerds. Anyway, every year I have bought a 2XL, but the top NEVER buttons. I have always had to wear a tank top underneath it and just leave it unbuttoned. Well, the crazy weather here in Texas was NEAR FREEZING last night, so I pulled out those PJ's to sleep in. And...
The top buttons! Not only that, it fits comfortably and isn't popping open in the ta-ta area (a recurring problem I seem to have with button-up shirts!).

Workouts for the Week
Monday - 4.0 miles on the treadmill
Tuesday - 2.0 miles on the treadmill
Wednesday - 3.0 miles on the treadmill
Thursday - 3.0 miles on the treadmill

Total Miles:12.0

Even though it was 34 degrees last night, it's going to warm back up to be a beautiful spring weekend. I'm looking forward to getting out and enjoying it! Also, Zainab tagged me for the Liebster Award, so I'll be writing a post for that sometime this week. Thanks Z!