About Me

Hi y'all! My name is Katy, and welcome to my blog! 

Here's a few things to know about me...

I am a born and raised Texas girl.
A wannabe teacher (fingers crossed I get a job this year!)
Dog lover, specifically four of them named Eva, Jack, Rascal, and Jasper
Jack, Rascal, Jasper, and Eva
I could eat Tex-Mex every day of the week, especially chicken enchiladas and chips and salsa.
Besides dogs, other animals I love are elephants, owls, and peacocks.
The color purple is my favorite!
Sparkles and glitter are fabulous too!
My best friend is my sister, Mallory.
Self-proclaimed book nerd
Love everything about the beach: sand, surf, sun, seagulls, shells (How many more start with 's'?)
I'm obsessed with nail polish, but I hardly ever have the patience to put it on.
TV addict with current favorites being Biggest Loser, The Middle, Modern Family, Dance Moms, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, Once Upon a Time, and Food Network (See, it's an addiction!)
I started this blog as a way to keep track of my weight loss, but I think it will be much more than that.
I may live in Texas, but I root for the Green Bay Packers. Sorry Dallas...
 If you ever want to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at

I'm also on Twitter and Pinterest!

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