Thirty by 30

1. Complete a 5K in public.
2. Achieve my goal weight.
3. Visit New York City.
4. Take a dance class.
5. Get a full-time job.
6. Plant a tree.
7. Move into my own place.
8. Perform Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK's) on my birthday.
9. See the Grand Canyon.
10. Go skydiving.
11. Start a savings account.
12. Have LASIK surgery done.
13. Have a bachelorette party for Emily.
14. Travel to another country, so I can put my passport to good use.
15. Buy a Victoria’s Secret bra.
16. See The Lion King musical.
17. Give blood.
18. Buy myself a 'real' piece of jewelry.
19. Read 30 books.
20. Go to a "Painting with a Twist" class.
21. Host a Pinterest party.
22. Visit Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.
23. Go to a Zumba class.
24. Try ten new restaurants.
25. Visit Savannah and Tybee Island, Georgia.
26. Donate to a project on
27. Go on a shopping spree that utilizes a few pieces of clothing to make many outfits.
28. Throw a dart at a U.S. map and travel to wherever it lands.
29. Take a self-defense class.
30. Sponsor a child in a foreign country through World Vision.

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