Thursday, July 25, 2013

Emily's Engaged!

I'm sure I've talked about Emily before on the blog. She's my one and only cousin on my mom's side, and my sister and I think of her as a sister and best friend. We pretty much spent our entire summers together at Nan and Papa's when we were little. 

One of my favorite pictures of when we were young

Two weeks ago, her boyfriend, Kelby, asked her to marry him! And she said YES! I'm so excited and happy for her and Kelby! I can't wait to see where life leads the two of them.

The Happy Couple!

After our cruise, we had already planned to get together with Emily for a girls' day, so I knew I had to give her something to congratulate her on her engagement! I scoured Pinterest looking for ideas, and I pulled together a few of the things I saw, put my own spin on it, and made her a bride-to-be box of goodies. Here's how I did it!

Everything that's included in the box is from Amazon and Target. If I bought it from Amazon, I'll include a link to the product.

#1: Bridal Magazine
#2: Post-its (to mark her favorite things!)
#3:"I Do" Stickers (to put on the bottom of her shoes on the day of the wedding)
#4: Essie Nail Polish (Pink Diamonds)
#5: Magnetic Letter "B" (the initial of her future last name!)
#8: Bic Velocity Pens

I looked around Target for some kind of container to put everything in, and I finally decided on one of those fabric bins that you can put inside a shelf. I also bought purple tissue paper and a card. I arranged everything nicely in the box and put it in the trunk of my car for the ride to my sister's. It was so hard to keep it a secret that it was back there!

We got to my sister's apartment, and I acted like I had forgotten something for Mallory in my car. When I came back up with the box, Emily was so surprised! She loves everything in it, and I'm so glad!

My favorite part of all of this? She wants my sister and me to be her bridesmaids! Yay! She also said, "You don't know how involved you're going to be in this wedding!" Ha! Maybe I can add 'wedding planner' to my resume by the time we're done! :-)

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  1. I totally wish I had a friend like you. I can assure you have no friend like yu.
    Emily is so lucky to have you.
    Take care and good luck with wedding planning.