Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Wanna Work on a Cruise Ship!

"I wanna work on a ship!"

Those were the first words I said to my mom when I got back home from the cruise.

After telling my mom all about my vacation, I set to work on researching how to go about getting a job on a cruise ship.

First thing I did was head to Carnival's website and locate the information for the recruiting office for US and Canadian applicants. I knew that going through Carnival would give me a reputable recruitment agency instead of trying to find one myself. Enter Cast-A-Way Cruise and Resort Hiring Agency!

Timeline of Events
June 30 - Got home from vacation
July 1 - Filled out online application on Cast-A-Way's website
July 2 - Posted a follow-up question about resumes on Cast-A-Way's Facebook page

July 18 - (1) Posting on Facebook about final interviews in Miami, (2) Ask about how we know if we're chosen for interview

July 19 - (1) Receive email to send resume ASAP, (2) Send resume right away!
July 20 - (1) Receive email stating that I have been selected for a preliminary phone interview with the recruiter, (2) Set up an interview with Stacia, the recruiter, for first available interview time
July 22 - (1) Phone interview with Stacia, (2) Receive email from Stacia saying I've been chosen for a final interview in Miami with Carnival!
August 23 - Will leave for Miami with my mom and sister
August 24 - Final Interview at Carnival's headquarters in Miami!

So, what position am I interviewing for? I will be interviewing for the opportunity to work on board one of the Carnival ships as a member of the youth staff. Basically, I would be working with the kiddos that come aboard for vacation! I am beyond thrilled about this whole experience!

Stacia runs the Facebook page and told me she pulled my application based on what I had posted on Facebook showing my eagerness to work on a ship. During our phone interview, she said they have a 98% hire rate, and Carnival contacted them and said, "Send us 40 candidates in August. We want them all."

I'm hoping these are all good signs that I will be working on a ship in the near future! On August 24th, pray, think good thoughts, whatever it is you do, do it for me! I appreciate it very much!

I will keep y'all updated on everything!


  1. Wow...just WOW. good Luck to you.
    I know you are good with kids and this sounds like a dream job.

  2. Congratulations lady! That's great news! I wish you lots of luck for your interview : ]