Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #24

This Week: -1.8 lbs
Total Loss: -24.8 lbs
Starting Weight: 251.2
Current Weight: 226.4

Workouts for the Week
Friday - 2.14 miles on treadmill (30 min) & 0.68 mile evening dog walk (15 min)
Saturday - 0.68 mile morning dog walk (15 min), 2.00 miles on treadmill (30 min), & 0.68 mile evening dog walk (15 min)
Sunday - 2.20 miles on treadmill (30 min) & 0.68 mile evening dog walk (15 min)
Monday - 3.00 miles on treadmill (45 min) & 0.68 mile evening dog walk (15 min)
Tuesday - 0.68 mile afternoon dog walk (15 min) & 1.00 mile on treadmill (15 min)
Wednesday - 2.00 miles on treadmill (30 min)
Thursday - 2.33 miles on treadmill (40 min)

Total Mileage: 18.07 miles
Total Time: 5 hours, 10 minutes

I have to say that I think setting four goals for this past week REALLY helped me! Here's how I did with my goals that I set. It's probably self-explanatory, but green means I achieved my goal and red means I didn't.

1) No chocolate all week!
My mom bought a bag of assorted chocolates one day at the grocery store, so this one was so hard! I didn't eat a single piece though, but I may have gone and smelled the jar they were in once or twice. :-)

2) Lose 2 pounds
I am annoyed that I didn't meet this goal. I was SO CLOSE...only two-tenths of a pound away!

3) Work out at least 30 minutes every day
I'm not gonna lie. There were a couple of days I did not want to work out at all, but I did it anyway and felt so good afterwards!

4) Eat my last meal by 7 PM every night
This one actually wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I guess since most of what I ate after 7 was chocolate, this goal went hand-in-hand with goal 1.

I always really liked sticker charts when I was in school. What's the next best thing to a sticker chart? iPad Notes with Emojis, of course! :-D That's how I kept track of my goals this week.

Now, my list of goals for this week!

1) Only drink water or unsweet tea
I've been drinking too much coffee. If I drank it black, it wouldn't be too bad, but I use sugar and whipped cream or half and half. I need to be drinking more water.

2) Log 20 miles of walking
I came really close to 20 miles this past week, so if I push myself just a little bit harder this week, I can hit 20 miles.

3) Take Eva on a walk every day
She loves going on walks, and I know that not only is it good for me, it's good for her.

4) Lose 2 pounds
I'm keeping this one on there until I can do it!

Okay, those are my goals for this week! I'm excited about turning all these goals green next Friday!

Mallory and I are going wedding dress shopping with Emily tomorrow! Can't wait!!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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  1. kudos on the loss. It not 2lbs but way bttr thaen no loss.
    20miles is good...let Eid get over and maybe we both can do same workouts?