Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Currently 8.4


READING - I've put the book I was reading last week on hold for a while, so today I started Under the Dome by Stephen King. It's the biggest book I've ever seen! I've been watching the TV show it's based on, so I wanted to read the book as well. I think it's the first Stephen King book I've ever read!

WRITING -A list of possible ideas for Emily's bridal shower!

LISTENING - To Duck Dynasty on the the Robertsons!

THINKING - That I ate too much junk this weekend!

SMELLING - The scent from the shampoo in my hair

WISHING - For a good week of workouts

HOPING - For a 2-lb. weight loss this week!

WEARING - Denim shorts and a pink t-shirt

LOVING - That Emily found her wedding dress yesterday! So fun to be included in the process!

WANTING - A big, healthy salad sometime this week

NEEDING - Prayers for my papa as he undergoes a minor surgery on Tuesday

FEELING - Relieved...Because of an error on my part, Jack (my dog that has diabetes) got two doses of insulin last night instead of the one that he needed. I gave it to him without writing it down, and then my stepdad gave him another one. We knew he would need some sugar to counteract the insulin, so we gave him some and monitored him throughout the night. Everything turned out fine, but I was so worried about him all night! I hated that it was my fault that it happened. 

CLICKING -Through Amazon Instant Video trying to find some movies to watch while I walk on the treadmill...Any suggestions?

I went over to my grandparents' house today to show them some pictures of Emily in the dresses she tried on. While I was there, I introduced them to the fun that is iPad Photo Booth. I'll leave you with a couple of those pictures. Have a great week everybody!

Stretchy Papa
Me Squeezed

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