Monday, January 27, 2014

2nd Annual Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K

On Saturday, I woke up bright and early to celebrate Katie's birthday by participating in the Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K.

I knew that it was going to be very cold on Saturday morning, so I prepared the night before by putting out all the layers I would be wearing: leggings, black workout pants, t-shirt, sports bra, jacket with a hood, gloves, socks, and shoes. The next morning when I was getting in my car to drive to the track, I saw my reflection in the window and thought of Damien from Mean Girls.

I posted this picture on Instagram along with the quote and #meangirls. After I got back from my run, my mom asked me what it meant because she thought some girls had been mean to me. LOL!

So, back to the 5K...I got to the track, set my music, started the app to track my mileage, and I was ready to roll! I had made the decision to run the straights and walk the curves, which is what I did through the entire 5K.

Last year, I ran it on the treadmill with a time of 41:19. I wanted to beat that this year, so I set a goal of 40 minutes. I finished in 43:45, which means I didn't accomplish that goal. Even though I didn't finish in under 40 minutes, this race made me stronger in (at least) two ways.

#1: This was the first time for me to complete a 5K in public. All my others have been completed on the treadmill. Last year, I gave up trying to run it outside because it was 37 degrees. This year, I ran it outside, and it was 30 degrees. I came prepared mentally and physically. I think I've gained a lot more confidence this past year, which helped me to start and finish the race at the track.

#2: The treadmill is definitely easier for me to run on than the track because it keeps you at a constant pace. I'm proud of finishing in 43:45 at the track. I think I'll have two different for treadmill running and one for track running.

Hopefully, Katie continues this tradition because I'm really looking forward to seeing the person I become this year as I continue getting healthier and more fit and comparing the results of this 5K with next year's 5K.

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