Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In #35

This Week: +2.6 lb
Total Loss: -30.2 lbs
Starting Weight: 251.2 lbs
Current Weight: 221.0 lbs

Totally bummed that I gained so much this week, and I'm not even sure how it happened! I haven't been eating any differently, and while my workouts weren't that hardcore, I was moving more than I had in weeks. 

I need some kind of motivation to get back on the treadmill. That's what really helped me lose weight last year, but for some reason, I haven't been able to make myself get into a routine of using it every day. I told my sister I might not find it as enjoyable because I don't have a show on Netflix that I'm dying to watch each day. Last year I had a few that kept me entertained, and I used working out on the treadmill as an excuse to watch the shows instead of just laying around in bed watching them!

Any shows on Netflix you would recommend? 

Workouts for the Week

Thursday - Zumba for Beginners on YouTube (19:24)
Friday - Zumba Class 3 on YouTube (31:49)
Sunday - 3.09 miles at the track (39:51)
Monday - 0.68 mile dog walk (13:39)

I used to set goals for myself as part of my weekly weigh-ins. I want to start doing that again because I think it helps me focus on the week ahead.

This Week's Goals

#1: Work out on the treadmill at least three times this week.

#2: Complete my Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K in under 40 minutes.

I'm linking up with Heather and Ash for the first time for Weigh-In Wednesday!

Weigh In Wednesday


  1. I like to watch New Girl on Netflix! Or sometimes the Vampire Diaries or any other sort of chick show that my husband doesn't like to watch with me ;)

  2. We're running out of things to watch on Netflix! There doesn't seem to be anything of interest lately. Never thought that'd happen!

    Maybe pick up one of Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home DVDs and do it on the treadmill. Perhaps that'll make it a little more interesting.