Friday, March 29, 2013

Non-Food Rewards

In the past, when I've done well with a workout/healthy eating routine, I would reward myself with food, whether it be ordering sour cream chicken enchiladas at my favorite Mexican restaurant or indulging in a brownie fudge sundae for dessert. I know we can all have these things every now and then in moderation, that's fine. What is not fine is the decision to keep making those unhealthy choices the next day and the next and the next to where, pretty soon, I'm back to where I started. 
This time around I knew that I wanted to make a list of non-food rewards for myself to look forward to with every 10 pound loss I achieve. I thought I would share my list with you today!

-10 lbs: get eyebrows done
This is really a necessity, but I wanted something cheap and simple for the first 10 pounds. I told my sister if I get called for any interviews before I lose my first 10, I WILL be getting them done early!

-20 lbs: weight loss bracelet from Adeline Mae Design

-30 lbs: haircut

-40 lbs: new tennis shoes
Right now, I have Skechers GoRun shoes, and I love them! I really want to get another pair. I love the bright colors on these!

-50 lbs: weekend trip
Last year, I told my mom I wanted to go on a trip when I lost 50 pounds.  I would love to go back to Vegas or the beach, which is my all-time favorite place in the world.

-60 lbs: Fitbit
I didn't want to buy this early on, and then give up. I figure if I've lost 60 pounds, then I'm in it for the long haul. I think it will be great for tracking my steps, distance, and calories, but I'm most excited about the sleep tracker.

-70 lbs: makeup makeover
I want to go to one of the makeup counters at a department store, and have them help me figure out the best colors for my skin tone.

-80 lbs: new blog design

-90 lbs: skydiving
Certainly, the most daring thing on my list. 

-100 lbs: new wardrobe

That's my list (for now)! If, down the line, something doesn't interest me anymore for a certain one, I will change it.

Do you have any non-food rewards for yourself? Please share if you do!

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  1. I am the same way too. I would always think, "Well I worked out today, which means I worked off the extra calories I'll eat when I have this." I eventually stopped that thinking, and am still working on the "occasionally" thing which is the hardest for me. As for rewards, I don't really have any. Maybe I should though!