Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #8: Migraine Monday

This Week: -0.2 lbs
Total Loss: -7.0 lbs

Right now, after the night I had, I am just happy to have a loss. My mom and I went to my nan and papa's house yesterday for a visit, and before we left, I started to get a headache. Nothing too bad I thought. When we got home, I was sending my sister a text and felt like the room was spinning. I took something for my headache, ate supper, and laid down to watch The Walking Dead. After the show was over, my headache intensified and became a full-fledged migraine. Throbbing pain, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound...the most horrible headache I have ever experienced in my life, and I've had A LOT of headaches!

My mom and sister have both dealt with migraines, so it came as no surprise that I had one since they can be hereditary. So thankful it is gone, and I could go the rest of my life with never having a migraine again! Wishful thinking...

I'm watching The Biggest Loser as I write this. I'm rooting for Danni to go all the way. She is the contestant I relate with the most. It's makeover night, which is always a fun episode. The transformations these contestants go through are amazing and inspiring. I can't wait to have my own makeover after I lose all my extra weight!
I didn't meet my goal of losing 2 pounds this week, but I did get in 10 miles of walking!

Workouts for the Week
Tuesday-2 mile walk on the treadmill
Wednesday-2 mile walk on the treadmill
Friday-2 mile walk on the treadmill
Saturday-2.7 mile hike at the refuge
Sunday-1.5 mile hike at the refuge

Total Miles: 10.2

Weekly Goals
March 4-10
  • Lose 2 pounds
  • Walk/jog/hike 10 miles
Monthly Goals
February 18-March 18
  • Lose 8 pounds
  • Walk/jog/hike 40 miles
Long-Term Goals
  • Lose 10 pounds by Easter (March 31)
  • Register for a 5K by the end of April (April 30) 
  • Lose 28.4 pounds in 14 weeks, which will put me at my high school senior weight (June 3)
Ultimate Goal
  • Lose 101 pounds 

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