Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #17: My 1st Milestone

This Week: -3.4 lbs
Total Loss: -20.0 lbs!!

Hey y'all! (FYI: Every time I type that I say it in my head like Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights.) Anyway, I stepped off the scale feeling great today! I am down 20 pounds, and there is no looking back now. I am so ready to keep pushing to lose the next 20!

I started my full-time sub job this week, and I hate to say that I did not work out at all Monday-Thursday. Being a teacher is rewarding but exhausting! After standing on my feet all day working with the kids, the last thing I want to do when I get home is walk on the treadmill.

I know I told y'all I would be working with 3-5 year olds, but I don't think I mentioned that it is a bilingual class. And, oh yeah, I don't speak Spanish! We're surviving though and getting through one day at a time. I just smile and nod a lot when I listen to them talk to each other or tell me a story.

Workouts for the Week
Saturday - 0.68 mile dog walk
Sunday - 0.68 mile dog walk & 0.75 mile hike at Hagerman

Total Miles: 2.11

Tomorrow my family is getting together at my grandparents' house to celebrate Mother's Day. They were out of town last week, so we postponed until this weekend. Looking forward to a relaxing, restful weekend!

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  1. Wow 20 lbs is a HUGE loss. Way to go Katy! It took seventeen weeks, and seventeen weeks from now if not 40 you will be 38 or 42 lbs down. Keep going.

    Workout-- I suck at waking up early and working out, but could you just get up 30 mins earlier and walk for 20? Just twenty. Ad, in evening you can add 20 more! Just a thought! :)