Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #2 and 5 for Five

Monday means time for me to weigh in!
This Week: -.2 lbs
Total Loss: -2 lbs

Definitely not a big number, but it's actually better than I was expecting it to be. Since I went off my diet from the week before, I was afraid I might gain or stay the same, so I'm actually glad I went down a little bit.

Now, on to the 5 for Five link-up with Jessica and Jenn. 5 for Five is basically listing 5 goals you hope to achieve during the work week (Monday-Friday).


This is my first time linking up, so I don't have any goals from last week to write about.

My Goals for This Week

1. Take Eva (my dog) for a walk every day
I've been taking her for a walk a few days this past week, but it needs to become a daily habit. She's only four, but she is one chunky little monkey! I want to do everything on my end to keep her from getting diabetes like our other dog, Jack.

2. Work out at least four days
I've been following the pattern of working out a day then resting a day. I need to increase my exercise to see the pounds come off!

3. Organize my teacher folder on my computer
I have a folder that I keep all my Teachers Pay Teachers downloads in. I need to create multiple folders and split up the one HUGE folder: language arts, math, classroom management, holidays, etc. That way when I need to use something, it will be much easier to find! 

4. Begin to learn how to crochet
I told my grandma about my snacking at night and how I need something else to do with my hands while I watch TV. She said she would teach me how to crochet. I've tried to learn before with poor results. :-D Hopefully, she'll be able to help!

5. Read every night before bed  
I used to read all the time before I went to bed. That was before I had a laptop and even more recently an iPad. I received so many books as Christmas gifts, so I'm going to try to put away the technology and read a book.


  1. You have a great blog, Katy. I like all your goals, hope you kept up with them ;)

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad we found each other's blogs through the Runs for Cookies race. Thank you for following!