Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday10: Favorite Handmade Shops

Time to link up for Tuesday10 with Mindy...this week's theme is your favorite handmade shops. Today, I would like to share my list of favorite Etsy shops and Teachers Pay Teachers sellers. Now, being a substitute teacher doesn't really leave me with a lot of disposable income, so I haven't bought things from many of these places. Although, I do have my eye on different things from their stores.

**For the sellers from Teachers Pay Teachers, I've included links to their blogs in addition to the links to their TPT stores.

1. Adeline Mae Design: When I lose my first 20 pounds, I really want to buy myself one of the 20 bracelets. She also has bracelets for racers: 13.1, 26.2, TRI, and she will do custom orders.
Image via Adeline Mae Design
2. Ricci Alexis Designs: I first discovered Ricci's blog, Ricci Explains It All, and then I found out she makes wreaths and sells them on Etsy! I love this pink one with the leopard print bow, and when I get a full-time teaching position, I would like to buy one for my classroom door.
Image via Ricci Alexis Designs
3. Clearique Boutique: For Christmas last year I ordered a necklace for my grandma from this seller. I can't find a picture of the one I ordered, but it had all her grandchildrens' names stamped on it with beads representing our birthstones. My grandma loves it and wears it all the time. The one I ordered looks similar to the one below except it was a necklace instead of a keychain.
Image via Clearique Boutique
4. Peace Love Freckles: I love this colorful and funky metal art company! I really want one of the owls or an initial or hey, maybe even both of them!
Image via Peace Love Freckles
Image via Peace Love Freckles
5. Ruffles With Love: I found out about this store from Mama Laughlin, and this past month I asked FatChick2FitChick where she got one of her workout shirts to which she replied, "Ruffles With Love!" I go to this store at least once a month to look at which shirts I would like to buy. These two are a couple of my favorites.
Image via Ruffles With Love
Image via Ruffles With Love
6. Ashley Hughes from The School Supply Addict: The Fry Words Mega Pack is one of her many products that I have on my TPT wish list.
Image via Ashley Hughes
7. Deanna Jump from Mrs. Jump's Class: Deanna Jump has made over a million dollars with the products she has created and sold on TPT! She is such an inspiration! If I am fortunate enough to have my own classroom next year, I will definitely be starting the year with her Back to School Math and Literacy Fun unit.
Image via Deanna Jump
8. Katie King from Queen of the First Grade Jungle: I love her 'Busy Teacher's Best Friend' units. Both the Thanksgiving and Christmas products are on my wish list.
Image via Katie King
9. Clutter-Free Classroom: The CFC Teaching Classroom Procedures and Routines Workbook was one of the first purchases I made on TPT. It has 38 pages chock-full of procedures and routines to teach the students in your class. This will be a wonderful resource for me when I am in my own classroom.
Image via Clutter-Free Classroom
10. Hope King from Second Grade Shenanigans: Her 100th Day Craze packet is on my wish list and includes 91 pages of resources for celebrating the 100th day of school.
Image via Hope King

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for any of this. Considering I only have four followers at the moment, it will probably be a while before I'm contacted to do anything for compensation. :-D

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