Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Jennifer today for Thursday Thoughts!

Thursday Thoughts

-I'm so glad substitute jobs are starting to come in! School started last week, so there's usually not much for a couple of weeks since it's very important for teachers to be there at the beginning of the year to set the routines and procedures. I've got three jobs lined up for the middle of the month, so I'm looking forward to that!

-As some of you know, my cousin Emily is getting married next year. My sister and I will be her bridesmaids. She told us the colors she wants for her wedding and told us to pick our dress. How awesome is she? We're 99.9% sure we will be choosing this one. I like that it doesn't look too 'bridesmaidsy,' so I could wear it again somewhere else. It also doesn't hurt that Emily loves our choice! choice...Mallory just does what I say ;-)

-We're also going to be using tissue paper pom poms in some way for the wedding. I made my first one for practice the other night. I think it turned out pretty good, but instead of being a pom pom, it's a half sphere. I looked at different tutorials, so I think I know now how to make it a pom pom.

-I don't watch Dancing with the Stars every season, but I always like to hear about the cast announcement. After reading about who will be on it, I think I'm going to watch! I'm already rooting for Leah Remini! My guess on the first to go? Bill Nye the Science Guy...sorry Bill, I just can't picture you being any good. Maybe he'll surprise me! Who knows?

-I'm going to be writing a Q&A post about my new job with Carnival Cruise Lines soon! I have some questions from family and friends, but if any of you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments, or send me an email!

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