Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Currently 4.21


Reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline...I am almost finished reading this book with a little less than 100 pages left. It started out slow at first, but I'm really curious to see how it turns out.

Writing this blog post, and that's pretty much it at the moment

Listening to Iron Chef's the round where the judges are the contestants...I love these episodes

Thinking that I need more electrical outlets in my room...nowhere to plug a Scentsy!

Smelling some kind of air freshener that my mom sprayed

Wishing for more consistent weather days...cold and rainy one day, sunny and warm the next

Hoping this week goes smoothly at school...I'm helping with the STAAR test!

Wearing one of my most comfortable t-shirts that I bought at a thrift store and shorts

Loving that my mom is off tomorrow for her birthday, and we're going to go shopping and out to eat

Wanting this annoying fan to stop making noise

Needing a good workout

Feeling happy...I had a great weekend!

Clicking on the story about Reese Witherspoon...I couldn't believe it when I saw it! I'm sure she doesn't care what I think, but I'm disappointed in her.

**This link-up comes to y'all from Lauren.**

The last thing I want to do is share some pictures from the weekend.

The large picture is Mallory and me ready for the baby shower today.
Top Right: Cute cupcakes from Cailey's party yesterday
Center Right: Luggage Mallory bought our mom for her birthday
Bottom Right: Cailey's birthday gift

Love my sweet baby girl!

Trying to do a different pose than usual
I LOVE this dress! I bought it at Ross for $15.

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  1. I have a very soft spot for Ross store
    Bought KennethCole shoes...flip flop types for 25$.
    YOU look fantastic Katy :-), keep it up.