Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #14

This Week: -3.2 lbs
Total Loss: -15.0 lbs

I am shocked that I had such a high loss this week. On Saturday I ate out with my family for my mom's birthday, on Sunday my sister and I ate out after the baby shower we attended, and on Monday my mom and I went to lunch for her actual birthday. I guess it helped that I made better choices than I would have made in the past.

For example, on Saturday we ate at Texas Roadhouse. Normally I would order fried chicken strips, mashed potatoes, salad, sweet tea, and gobble down two or three of their amazing rolls they serve before your meal. Instead I ordered grilled shrimp with rice, fresh vegetables (broccoli and carrots), salad, unsweet tea, and limited myself to one roll before my meal. It was so good! I left feeling satisfied, and I didn't feel yucky after eating it.

The really big reason I'm surprised I lost weight? I did not work out AT ALL this week! My weekend was so busy, and I didn't make time to do it. Then, my mom was off on Monday for her birthday, so we were shopping all day. Again, I made no time for it. Then, I had sub jobs on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was on my feet all day long those two days. The last thing I wanted to do was come home and work out. On Wednesday, my throat started to feel itchy, so I've now been fighting off a cold the past two days. Ack! I need to get back on a good workout schedule!

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  1. Yay..its good that you lost, right?;)
    I neef to gey back on the dreadmill too.
    I can barely do a mile now :'(